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Whether it’s an outside hose faucet, shower faucet, laundry faucet, kitchen, or other faucet, we carry the internal parts to restore them to drip-free condition. We're specialized in repairing an extensive variety of vintage and modern home fixtures, so we won't be telling you it needs replaced if it doesn't.


If new is your preference, we carry faucet options on our truck for each room in your home. We also stock "frostproof" outside spigots to protect against freezing and burst pipes during Ohio winters. Our faucets are contractor grade and more robust than your hardware store versions. They often contain more brass and less plastic. Additionally, we have the specialty tools to get the job done efficiently, cleanly, and professionally.

Toilets Toilets


The porcelain lasts a very long time, the components might just need refreshed. Replacing all the parts instead of the entire toilet is actually a very cost-effective solution, because it will be like-new at half the price. Rebuilding the tank also avoids extra work at the floor flange where the toilet mounts. Whether you have a leak at the tank, at the wall, at the floor, with old cast iron pipe or new plastic, your technician is equipped for the repair; because truck inventory is stocked daily.


We provide and install pro series contractor grade toilets that have more robust components than your hardware store versions. Ours contain more brass and less plastic. Harsh water? No problem; the special flappers/flush components are specifically built to withstand harsh water conditions. The fill valves are quieter and inhibit water hammer, which is the rattling sound in the wall. The trapways are larger to deter clogging, and of course they cut water usage in half at 1.28 gallons per flush compared to the old 3+ gallon toilets. Our toilets are also ADA compliant, sitting at a comfortable height for less back strain. After furnishing your toilet, we even haul away the old one.

Pipes Pipes


Water leaks can seem overwhelming, but luckily we have the methods and technology to minimize the interruption of restoring your plumbing. Your technician is prepared with a warehouse on wheels for virtually any pipe leak in your home. He also has a vast assortment of shut off valves to isolate the work area and keep the water on to the rest of your home during repair.


If you have weak water pressure, corrosion, or simply want to improve the value of your home, you may want to replace some of your pipes. Many older homes used galvanized iron pipes that rust over time, and some plumbers mistakenly joined them directly with copper without transitioning the dissimilar metals properly. This causes a reaction called electrolysis which expedites rust, shrinking the passageways for water to flow and restricting your water pressure. Even just repiping sections of your basement can dramatically improve water flow throughout your entire home, and we have the eye for pinpointing just the right spots.

Water heaters Tankless Water Heaters and Tanks


Your water heater might just need some tender love and care to operate at it's best. There are multiple maintenance techniques that will remedy its misbehaving and ensure a long and functional life. There may be sediment collecting at the bottom that simply needs flushed out. There may be an odor coming from the hot water tap that could indicate needing a new anode rod. Maybe the relief valve is spitting water on the floor suggesting a high pressure situation or failed expansion tank. Whatever the symptom, we have the expertise to quickly diagnose and restore your home's water heater.


Eventually water heaters reach their end or near enough that repair is no longer cost-efficient. In these circumstances, instead of putting a bandaid on a bullet wound, we provide and install professional grade water heaters with manufacturer's warranties ranging from 6-12 years. Even better, they often much outlive those warranties. When we provide your heater, we haul away the old one; and in the unlikely event that a warranty claim needs to be made, we spare you the hassel of resolving it with the manufacturer, which means no waiting on hold or lengthy down times without hot water.

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